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Music Micro SD chip
Music Micro SD chip

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Item #20.  You will get Personalized music, 8 tracks (7 songs and one personalzed story) on one Micro SD chip.  This will be mailed to you if ordered separately.  The SD chip can be reused. Songs can be added to the chip.  The chips will fit in MP3 players that take the chip, like our radio.  The chip will also fit into a mini SD adapter that will then fit into your laptop.  You can copy the music to any computer that has this adapter slot as shown in the pictures.  So, you can back up the music. You can also burn a music CD with these files.  We will include two children's names on one SD card at this time.  That's 16 tracks of music.  Email me at john@createabook.com first to see if we have your two names in stock.  The pictures show the SD card you will get in the mail, and the pictures also show the (optional) SD card adapter that you will need if you want to change the contents of the SD card using your laptop.